Next 'League of Legends' Patch Will Nerf Top-Lane Viktor and 6 More Champions

League of Legends’ next update will reduce Viktor’s power in the top lane while also nerfing [...]

League of Legends' next update will reduce Viktor's power in the top lane while also nerfing six more champions and buffing Illaoi.

Outlining the plans for the game's next patch during the preseason, League of Legends design director Andrei "Riot Meddler" van Roon posted on the game's boards to give players an idea of what's coming in the update. Some of the changes are guaranteed to be in the update including those for Viktor and the seven other champions, but there are other changes being discussed that might not make an appearance.

Viktor headlined the list of champions the update will affect with the mage getting nerfed, though not to the extent that he becomes obsolete in his newfound top-lane home.

"Looking to bring down top lane Viktor in particular, hopefully hitting it meaningfully without pushing him out of top completely," Riot Meddler said. "Likely involves hitting Q base and/or CD, then buffing Q and/or E ratios."

Along with the Viktor change, more nerfs are planned for mages and fighters like LeBlanc and Irelia. The list of those can be seen below with Riot Games' plans for each champion laid out:

  • Irelia Nerf - Taking some power out through simple numbers changes right now, then likely following up with some larger work in a later patch. Probably removing power from her W primarily.
  • Aatrox Nerf - Removing Q's bonus damage to monsters to chip mid Aatrox with Smite down a bit (also cleans up an unnecessary mechanic on the Q as a bonus).
  • Akali Nerf - Taking some general power out now, then looking at larger mechanics changes later. Not sure on direction of either at time of writing.
  • Jax Nerf - Looking too strong, especially in the jungle. Just taking a bit of power out somewhere.
  • Camille Nerf - Looking to trim her jungle power in particular, laning to a lesser degree. Might involve lower base AS since that disproportionately affects jungling.
  • LeBlanc Nerf - Cutting some power. Direction to be determined still, probably something pretty straightforward.

The only champion buff that Riot Games spoke more surely about for the Patch 8.24 changes is going to Illaoi. Specific abilities weren't mentioned and the changes are still being discussed, but Riot Meddler said the team plans on giving the champion lower cooldowns on one or two abilities and are confidents buffs should be coming.

Pyke, Karthus, and Taliyah were also discussed as champions potentially being adjusted, but those changes aren't guaranteed to make an appearance in Patch 8.24.