League of Legends Releases Merch for Every Competitive Rank

League of Legends players who are proud of the rank they earned in Season 9 or maybe just want to commemorate a spectacularly poor performance throughout the season can now do so thanks to Riot Games’ release of rank-specific merch. The new clothing items available through the Riot Games Merch store allow players to get shirts and jackets featuring their rank’s insignia as well as their Summoner Name, though you have the option of leaving the name off if you’d prefer to just have the crest.

Riot Games announced this week that its new collection of ranked merch is now up for anyone who played League in the 2019 season and placed anywhere at all on the ranked ladder. Ranked merch is typically reserved for players who reach the highest ranks possible and receive rewards to commemorate the occasion, but it’s now been extended to all players regardless of their ranks.

The only catch with this is that you can’t be a ranked imposter with the merch items on sale. You’ll have to sign into your account through Riot’s merch page to see the merch that’s on sale, so there’s no tricking the system into thinking that you’re a higher rank than you actually are. Sign into your account and you’ll see an option for two short-sleeve shirts, one of them for men and the other for women, along with a unisex jacket.

As pictured in the tweet above, the fronts of these shirts and the jacket have the ranked emblem positioned where a pocket would normally be while a larger version of the symbol covers the backs of the products. The back also names your rank with “Season 2019” under it, and above all that is where you’ll see your Summoner name if you choose to include it.

Both shirts are priced at $30 each while the jacket is sold for $65. There doesn’t appear to be any extra price associated with getting the name printed on the back of the products.