League of Legends Streamer Remilia Dies at 24

Maria Creveling, better known as the competitive gamer "Remilia," died on Friday at the age of 24. As of this writing, Creveling's cause of death is unknown, though she did pass in her sleep. Creveling was the first woman to make it into the League of Legends Championship Series, as a member of the now-defunct Renegades. The news was announced on Twitter by Richard Lewis, a longtime friend of Creveling and an esports commentator. Creveling competed on a number of League of Legends teams in a support role throughout her esports career, both in a permanent capacity and as a substitute.

Creveling left Renegades in 2016, citing anxiety, and harassment as reasons for leaving. Creveling was transgender, and often faced a number of transphobic comments during streams. Despite this, many more gamers saw her as an inspirational figure in the esports community. In 2017, Creveling returned to playing League of Legends competitively, this time under the name Sakuya as part of Kaos Latin Gamers. She left, however, in order to receive surgery due to a paralyzed vocal cord. Since then, Creveling has competed in other events, including the Twitch Rivals Team Draft last month.

Her boyfriend, fellow League of Legends player Whatley, took to Twitter to release a statement.

Since the game's release in 2009, League of Legends has been one of the most viewed games in all of esports. The League of Legends Championship Series started in 2012, and has quickly grown. Creveling began playing League of Legends competitively starting in 2013 as support for the team Curse Academy. Creveling's favorite Champions in the game included Morgana, Thresh, Janna and Lux.

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