'League of Legends' Trailer Reveals First Look at Kayle and Morgana's Reworks

A first look at League of Legends’ reworks for Kayle and Morgana has been revealed in a new teaser video which showed off their new looks and abilities.

First shared on the official League of Legends weibo site, the video below later was tweeted out by the European League of Legends account. Just as Riot Games said before, Kayle’s appears to have completely redone her abilities and visuals like other Gameplay and Visual Updates do while Morgana’s is mostly focused on her appearance and visual effects.

Without a full breakdown of what the two champions are doing in the trailer, it’s difficult to make out what their abilities do, but some insight can be gathered based on how the two work now. Morgana’s abilities seem mostly the same with the champion having a bit more of a flourish on her spells, and while Kayle’s are different, the angel champion did keep her melee and ranged identities with an ability that lets her start auto attacking enemies from a distance like she can now. It seems the attack has been changed to have an effect more like a Titanic Hydra to give a better indicator of where the splash damage will land, something that wasn’t as clear in the current iteration of the champion.

Kayle’s ultimate also appears to retain its invulnerability while gaining a new offensive effect. By covering herself in the golden shield that’s associated with the champ’s current ultimate, Kayle looks to be able to advance on an enemy without worrying about taking damage. An area-of-effect indicator surrounds her during the ability’s duration with several swords falling down from the sky when it ends, or presumably when it’s reactivated, to damage those inside the circle. Kayle was shown both with and without her mask on as well, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays into the champion’s new look as well as what it means for the rest of her skins.

The reworks of both champions were announced in August 2018, so players have been waiting for some time to see more about the pair’s new looks and abilities. Riot Games has not yet given a release date for Kayle and Morgana’s reworks, but that should come soon when a more detailed trailer is revealed.