League of Legends Discusses Buffs for Tryndamere and Master Yi in Later Patch

League of Legends Mastery Yi Tryndamere

While the mini League of Legends patch that went out recently looked to improve the state of the top lane and several fighters, two champions who fit the up-close gameplay style and didn’t receive much love were Tryndamere and Master Yi.

With the new runes and other changes, many champions found themselves ahead of others, but these two champions weren’t so lucky. Both Tryndamere and Master Yi experienced a drop in power with the preseason tweaks, but Riot Meddler says that one of them got the shorter end of the stick.

“Both Trynd and Yi lost some power with the pre-season changes, Trynd more so than Yi,” Riot Meddler said. “For 7.24b we concluded it was better to put time into a subset of laning fighters (divers generally), working to improve their state, both in terms of kit changes and itemization.”

Instead of working on buffs for the champions in the previous mini patch, Riot will instead be looking ahead to the patch after next to follow through with their potential buffs.

“We'll be taking a look at Trynd and Yi in 8.2 instead as a result, see if, given the state of the game in January, they need changes, and if so whether that's changes to them specifically or to runes/items they use,” Meddler continued. “No guarantees of anything specific of course, but they're on our list for when we get back.”

The Patch 8.2 that Meddler mentioned is one that players will recognize as the second patch of the season, not the first. With the last patches of 2017 already behind us, Meddler explained why they’re not planning on putting those changes for Master Yi and Tryndamere in the next patch.


“For anyone wondering the reason I mention 8.2 there, rather than 8.1, is because we're basically out of time on 8.1 work already. We'll get some late changes into when we get back if there's anything really urgent (micropatching a patch just before it goes out basically). Because we have to lock patches down well in advance, and that we put some time into 7.24b, we've got limited ability to do stuff with 8.1.”

Buffs for the champions may go through in January depending on their state, but PBE cycles and other updates should preview the possible buffs before they go live.