League of Legends May Use Twisted Treeline's Vilemaw in Other Game Modes

Riot Games will be retiring its Twisted Treeline game mode and map at the end of the season which means players have just over a month to get their final games in. But even though this game mode is being removed, that doesn’t mean that it’ll be the last players see of the buff-granting Vilemaw monster that’s found on the map. Riot is currently exploring ways to incorporate Vilemaw into other game modes, and if those explorations work out, we could see the monster return for seasonal events or in other ways.

This week’s Quick Gameplay Thoughts post from Riot Games design director Riot Meddler gave a preview at the possible outcomes for Vilemaw in the future. The Rioter said that there aren’t any set plans for what will happen with the monster at this time, but a few ideas are being discussed that range from having it occasionally replace the Baron that’s found on Summoner’s Rift to featuring Vilemaw as a PvE boss in Teamfight Tactics.

“We don't have any concrete plans yet but I do want to share that we're discussing possible ways to use Vilemaw in other game modes,” Riot Meddler said. “Not sure yet about where that might be, could be things like an alternative to Baron on SR in some circumstances, a late game boss in TFT, a boss for an event game mode etc. Assuming we do find a good fit could also be quite a while before we had the right time to add Vilemaw to one or more of those modes.”

For those who stick to Summoner’s Rift or the Howling Abyss and are completely unfamiliar with Vilemaw, it’s a neutral monster found in Twisted Treeline. It’s similar to the Baron in the sense that it grants gold and a buff to the team that slays it. If you’re going by the lore behind the creature and other parts of Runeterra, Vilemaw is a mythical spider god that’s worshipped by Elise and is far more powerful than most champions, though it could be that newer and reworked champions have power levels that exceed it.

The Rioter continued to say that this type of change is something players would find in a preseason period, but it won’t be something we’re seeing in this upcoming preseason. Riot Meddler said “the right opportunity might not come along for a while” assuming this type of change even happens at all and in the comments confirmed that this isn’t something that could happen during this preseason.


Some players suggested seasonal opportunities for Vilemaw like having the monster appear during a Halloween event which is something Riot Meddler said could be a possibility.

We’ll see Twisted Treeline retired at the end of the season, but look for more ways for Vilemaw to return as Riot discusses them moving forward.