Mid-Patch League of Legends Update Nerfs Aphelios

Riot Games released a mid-patch update for League of Legends this week to nerf the game’s newest champion, Aphelios. New League champions often need to be buffed or nerfed in some way, so it’s not surprising to see Aphelios need some changes especially when you consider how many abilities and weapons he has. The same mid-patch update also included bug fixes for Diana’s mini-rework and the updated Elder Dragon, both of which are still relatively new after they were added.

The nerfs for Aphelios targeted two of the champion’s weapons: His Infernum and his Calibrum. Aphelios’ Infernum-empowered ultimate was too strong, according to Riot Games, while the marks applied by Calibrum were similarly too strong. Those parts of the champion have been nerfed in the mid-patch update, though Riot said it’s still letting the Aphelios gameplay settle before any larger changes are made.

“We're still giving Aphelios time to settle in before deciding on any bigger changes, but it's clear that some things landed a little too strong,” Riot said about the changes. “In particular, his Infernum-empowered ultimate is too easily attainable (and a bit too strong when attained!) and Calibrum-empowered marks are a bit too punishing for how reliable they can be, so we're going to pull back on those for now.”

You can find everything that’s changed with Aphelios below along with the changes for Diana and the Elder Dragon.


  • CALIBRUM BUGFIX: Attacks that consume Calibrum marks no longer apply on-hit effects an additional time
  • CALIBRUM MARK DAMAGE RATIO: 0.4 bonus attack damage ⇒3 bonus attack damage
  • INFERNUM-EMPOWERED ULTIMATE DAMAGE RATIO: 0.4 bonus attack damage ⇒3 bonus attack damage


  • CONQUEROR BUGFIX: Diana's basic attacks now gives her the proper amount of Conqueror stacks right after she casts R - Lunar Rush

Elder Dragon

  • DEATH'S DANCE BUGFIX: Aspect of the Dragon's burn damage no longer lasts longer than it should for enemies with Death's Dance equipped

Aphelios was released in the same update which the mid-patch changes were included in, but Riot Games is already looking ahead to the next champion that’s on the way. The newest character is named Sett and is a punchy Vastaya champion from Ionia who’s going to be League’s newest Juggernaut when he releases.