League of Legends Is Updating Kayle and Morgana

Kayle and Morgana, League of Legends’ pair of angel champions, are both being updated, one more so than the other.

The updates for the champions were announced on Monday in one of Riot Games’ Champion Roadmaps that previews what’s to come for the future of League in terms of new and updated champions. Ryan “Riot Reav3” Mireles talked about the current state of the two champions while saying that both will be getting updated artwork and themes to give them a better spot in the League universe.

“Finally, let’s talk about another iconic League of Legends duo: Kayle and Morgana,” Riot Reav3 said. “Time has been a pretty kind judge to Morgana, though not so kind to her sister Kayle. For both of the winged sisters, we’ll be evolving their art with a new theme that binds their narratives together and gives them a stronger place in the League universe.”

While lore and themes are exciting, the gameplay aspect of both champs was also addressed. Morgana’s remained relevant and viable throughout the years, so her gameplay won’t see nearly as many changes as her sister’s, if any changes even do happen. Riot Reav3 talked about what they’d do “if” they changed something, so there’s a chance she’ll remain largely untouched.

Kayle, however, needs more work. Riot Reav3 said that the champion team wants to keep Kayle’s identity as a hybrid between ranged and melee attacks while honing in on that part of her kit to make it evident even outside of games.

League of Legends Kayle
(Photo: Riot Games)

“As for their gameplay, Morgana’s has held up well over the years, so if we do change anything, it’ll likely be adjustments to her passive or W in order to better match her new theme. Kayle, on the other hand, will be receiving bigger changes to her kit. We want to preserve Kayle’s identity as a champion who starts as a melee/ranged hybrid champion, and as the game goes on, ascends to become a ranged powerhouse, raining down holy judgement on any she deems unworthy. Not only do we want to preserve this, but we want to embrace it so it’s reflected in more than just her stats, radiating through her entire theme as well.”

The image above was shared as a promo for what looks to be Kayle’s new sword, but Riot Reav3 warned that “the sisters are still a ways off” with more info on them coming in another Champion Roadmap early next year. August “Riot August” Browning, the champion designer for Vi, Jinx, Jhin, and more tweeted that he was working on two female champions, so it appears as though he’ll be heading up the duo’s updates.