League of Legends Shows Off New Look at Volibear Update

Riot Games showed off a new look at League of Legends’ Volibear rework this week to show Volibear mains how their favorite thunder bear’s Visual and Gameplay Update is coming along. Volibear is next in line for a full update after both he and Fiddlesticks were voted to have their champion kits updated to be more in line with modern characters, and now that Fiddlesticks’ rework is out, Volibear is up next. The latest preview from Riot didn’t reveal his reworked abilities but instead showed off different effects associated with he champion’s design as well as what some of his in-game appearances would look like after the rework.

The continued previews of Volibear in the past few months have shown Riot intended to highlight the demigod aspects of Volibear just as his brother, Ornn, feels more like an ancient being imbued with special powers. The results of that work are seen in the image below which shows a sneak peek at Volibear’s in-game model.

League of Legends Volibear Model
(Photo: Riot Games)

Again, Riot isn’t revealing what the champion can actually do just yet, but it did show off what some of his abilities’ effects would look like. His E which is currently Majestic Roar, a move that knocks enemies backwards while fearing minions, appears to now be an AOE lightning effect that strikes an area after a short delay. Riot also said it’s “pulling out all the stops for Volibear’s ultimate,” so that ability should be something to see once it’s eventually revealed.

For those who’ve invested in Volibear skins, you’ll see the champion’s cosmetics updated alongside his base model just like we see in every other VGU. Riot previewed two of his skins in the latest update on Volibear: Northern Storm Volibear and Thousand Pierced Volibear. The first of those is a reimagined version of his Artic Ops skin and is seen below while the other is the eldritch-horror skin players can get for free.

League of Legends Northern Storm Volibear
(Photo: Riot Games)

Volibear’s Northern Storm skin now fits more in line with Northern Front Swain as opposed to the Artic skins. He’s equipped with a tactical mask and gear fitting the champion that makes him both stylish and deadly.

And then there’s the Thousand Pierced Volibear skin, the one Riot is giving away to players after it decided not to go the eldritch-horror route for the champion’s rework. This isn’t an updated skin and is instead a totally new one, and it’ll be available for free for anyone who owns Volibear within a certain window around his update’s release.

League of Legends Thousand Pierced Volibear
(Photo: Riot Games)

We haven’t seen the skin in full yet, but the preview above gives an idea of what to expect.

Volibear’s update doesn’t yet have a release date, though we should expect to see his full kit of abilities detailed soon.