League of Legends: Wild Rift Is Cracking Down on Win Trading

League of Legends: Wild Rift is still in its beta phase, but the game’s developers are already taking a hard stance on win trading. Riot Games’ policy on win trading in Wild Rift mirrors its policies held in other games like the PC version of League of Legends: Win trading is bannable on the first offence. The ban might not be permanent in every occasion, but it’ll also result in players losing ranked rewards they’ve earned and having their ranks reset.

In case you find yourself in a game of Wild Rift and wonder if what you’re doing could be considered as “win trading,” Riot Games provided its own definition of the tactic to clear up any questions. If you’re hopping into queues with the intent of ending up on opposing teams against a buddy or someone you’ve partnered with and intend to lose or have them lose on purpose to guarantee the other side a win, that’s win trading.

“We define win trading as any number of methods where players manipulate the matchmaking queues to end up on opposite teams, in order to fix the results of the match (win or loss),” said Wild Rift’s communications lead Ben Forbes. “This is more prevalent in the higher echelons of Wild Rift’s competitive leaderboards where the population is smaller, and the highly ranked positions are more coveted.”

So, what happens if you’re caught win trading? It depends on how severe the offence was. Forbes said that those accounts who are caught with “the highest win trading activity” will be permanently banned which means you’ll have to start all over in Wild Rift. Accounts with less severe evidence of win trading will get a seven-day ban and will have their Season 1 rewards removed before being reset back to Iron IV, so whatever rank you worked for – or didn’t work for, in this case – will be lost. If you keep on win trading after that, you’ll get the permanent ban anyways.

Riot doesn’t want to start banning innocent players who just had a bad game or two or were caught in unusual circumstances though, so it’s going to be cautions about the criteria used to target potential win traders in the beginning. Forbes said the Wild Rift team is working on systemic changes to target win traders in ban waves and will have more to share on the matter at a later date.