League of Legends' Zoe Might Receive More Nerfs, Power Shifts Soon

League of Legends Zoe

Zoe has been performing well in League of Legends so far with her long-range burst and RNG gameplay, but more changes might follow the nerfs in the most recent patch.

Amid several bugfixes for Zoe’s abilities, Patch 7.24 also nerfed her Spell Thief and Sleepy Trouble Bubble abilities to decrease her power. Omitting the bugfixes for Zoe that can be seen in the full patch notes, below are the balance changes that are now live for the champion.

Q - Paddle Star

  • COOLDOWN: Now begins after Q cast completes, not when it begins

W - Spell Thief

  • DURATION OF SPELL PICK-UPS FROM MINIONS: 40 seconds ⇒20 seconds

E - Sleepy Trouble Bubble

  • COOLDOWN: Refund on hit ⇒Refund on champion hit
  • DROWSY DURATION: 2 seconds ⇒2 seconds
  • SLOW: Drowsy's progressively growing slow reduced by 20%
  • TRAP RADIUS: 290 ⇒250

Following those changes, Riot Meddler commented on the current state of Zoe and said that while the nerfs should be enough to put her in a more reasonable state, the door is open to more nerfs.

“Zoe's been fairly strong, hence the nerfs that just went out in 7.24. Our prediction is that those should be sizeable enough she won't need much immediate followup on power grounds, with changes like 20s duration on minion dropped W spells and a smaller radius on the E trap being particularly meaningful. We'll see where she lands though, with further power changes in 7.24b or 8.1 if needed. One thing we're considering doing regardless of power is potentially shifting some of her damage from base to ratios, with the argument being that she may be doing too much damage mid game even when she doesn't have much in the way of items.”

As for the RNG part of Zoe’s kit, the Rioter also added that there should be a post coming either at the end of this week or sometime next week with more thoughts on RNG in general.