Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Shares New Details and Gameplay for Nintendo Treehouse

The Legend of Zelda has kept fans on edge waiting for its next main series installment, and Nintendo helped ease their wait when a new Hyrule Warriors title was announced. The game, which drops this November, promises to tie into Breath of the Wild by giving fans an in-depth look at the battle that came ahead of Calamity Ganon's take over. Now, fans have learned some all-new information about The Legend of Zelda: Age of Calamity, and it is enough to make fans of the franchise geek out.

Here at ComicBook, we have listed some of the biggest revelations made about Age of Calamity in this handy guide. The presentation given by Nintendo Treehouse was a thorough one, so fans can check out the full video above to soak in all the nitty-gritty details!


Yes, you did read that right! The Koroks are back in Age of Calamity, and gamers will be able to suss out hidden Koroks as they fight Ganon's hordes. The presentation promises the Koroks are worth finding as they will drop seeds, but the word is out on what other loot they may bring. Hopefully, fans don't get another 'crappy' trophy.

hyrule warriors
(Photo: Nintendo)

Breath of the Wild fans either loved or hated the game's breakable weapons. Age of Calamity is making a choice with its gameplay and nixing the feature entirely. It seems weapons will not break in this game, and that makes sense given how many enemies you have to cull in these games.

Link's Appearance
You will be able to change up Link's appearance in the game. A slew of interchangeable shirts was shown in this presentation for the hero, but the word is out on how these outfits might alter stats for Link if any.

The full Nintendo Treehouse gives a hands-on look at how gameplay works for Zelda and Urbosa. As teased in previous promos, Zelda uses the Sheikah Slate to fight against Ganon's horde while Urbosa uses her lighting powers and damning hand-to-hand combat. It was also pointed out that Urbosa can connect her two types of attack to land deadly combos, so fans will certainly have fun playing with this champion.

Map and Towns
As always, an in-game map will be provided, and it seems new areas will dot the map along with familiar ones from Breath of the Wild. For instance, one fight sequence from the presentation showed Link fighting within an intact Lon Lon Ranch, so fans are eager to explore the game's updated terrain. After all, this Hyrule is pre-calamity, so some familiar locales should be standing in this game which are ruined in Breath of the Wild.



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