'Legend of Zelda' Cosplayer Absolutely Nails This Midna Cosplay

Cosplay is something I will always respect because the sheer craft that goes into it and being able to realise some of gaming's creative characters and bring them over into real life is nothing short of stunning. Cosplay offers a haven for fans, a way for us to give back to the creators that gave us these amazing figures to aspire to, or simply to enjoy.

Like many, I have a very big soft spot for the Legend of Zelda franchise, including the beloved Twilight Princess title. That's why when I stumbled upon this glorious cosplay of Midna, I couldn't just pass up the opportunity to share it:


The cosplayer in question goes by 'Zero Fox Cosplay' and she's got some incredible talent. She's also no stranger to sharing Zelda-inspired projects and holy crap, does she do them well.

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Best 9 of 2018! This was the year of the Midna, which makes sense since it's the only cosplay I've made the whole year, but I'm really happy I got to sneak in Sheik here at the end (two times even), and that my beloved Wendigo got a spot as well ? It's also incredible that it ranked up to 100.000 likes ? I hope to be more productive in the new year, but hey, I've always been a quality over quantity kinda person, so I won't bend my neck over it. . nonselfie photos by @stormravnen . . . #2018bestnine #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayersofinstagram #midna #twilimidna #zelda #thelegendofzelda #midnatwilightprincess #twilightprincess #cosplayjewelery #tloz #nintendo #zeldafan #nintendofan #wigstyling #worbla #3dprint #zentaisuit #midnacosplay #sheik #sheikcosplay #hyrulewarriors

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