Several Legends of Runeterra Card Expansions Are "Nearly Done"

Legends of Runeterra players who have no doubt already developed their own strategies and winning decks may have some new cards to incorporate into their plans sooner than they might think. Riot Games is working on additional sets of cards that'll be added to the digital card game, and while there's been no release date set for them yet, the game's executive producer said that "several of them are nearly done."

Executive producer Jeff Jew spoke to PC Gamer about plans for Legends of Runeterra and how the game's gone so far since its open beta launch which took place around a week ago. When asked about the new sets of cards Riot Games may be working on, Jew couldn't offer specifics about what types of champions or factions we'll see in the game later, but he did say that some are close to being finished and are in the playstesting phase.

"We're also working on multiple sets right now," Jew said. "I can't go super deep into what those sets are or how many there are, but several of them are nearly done at this point. We're balancing them still, we have a little art to do, but they're real sets. We're playtesting them."

Legends of Runeterra has its normal game mode along with a separate experience called Expeditions, but those aren't the only plans Riot has for the game. Jew added that ideas for a few different modes are in "early development," but like the expansions that are closer to being finished, plans for those modes aren't ready to be revealed yet.

"We are actually in the early development of a few ideas for modes—nothing I can talk about today—but our goal is to make the game feel fresh and let you use your cards in different ways," Jew said.

Several of the factions from League of Legends like Demacia and Noxus are already in Legends of Runeterra, so these card expansions will likely expand on those and introduce new sets of cards from across Runeterra.

Teamfight Tactics, a League of Legends game mode that's pretty much its own game from Riot Games, also gets new expansions occasionally to change up the game. Legends of Runeterra's expansions will almost certainly be handled differently though since players have to acquire the cards and build their decks whereas you don't own anything in Teamfight Tactics besides your Little Legends.

Legends of Runeterra is currently available in open beta. It's scheduled to be released in full some time this year alongside a mobile release.