Level 30 League of Legends Players Won't Miss Out On Uncapped Level Rewards

League of Legends
(Photo: Riot Games)

The level cap is being removed from League of Legends to allow for players to take their progress to endless heights, but those players who are already level 30 won't be missing out on any low-level rewards that new players will earn.

When it was announced that the level cap was going away, meaning that players can soar past level 30 while receiving special drops along the way, some long-time players were worried that the system would favor new players. Leveling up gets harder the higher you get, so new accounts would rack up their rewards much quicker than high-level players. But Riot Cactopus says that the rewards themselves will reflect how long you've been playing, so veteran players shouldn't stress about it.

"New players going from 1–30 won't get ANY exclusive content," Cactopus reassured players in an FAQ.

Instead, low-level players will actually get rewards that others already have that include champion drops for new player-friendly champs like Garen and Ashe. A couple of ward skins or other cosmetics may be included for those levels as well, but they won't be exclusive, and post-30 players can easily get those as well.

With players no longer receiving IP after each match when the preseason changes hit, they'll instead receive special drops with champion shards and other loot that can be disenchanted for Blue Essence. New players won't be able to earn IP that way, so Cactopus said that it balanced out since veteran players already benefitted from the IP gains.

"You already got rewarded for all the games you played when you leveled from 1–30, but it was just in the form of IP," he said. "So new players aren't going to get anything you didn't already get for playing the game."

After level 30, players will "almost exclusively" receive disenchantable champion shards whenever they level up. During milestone levels like 50, 75, and 100, that's when players will get exclusive rewards like emotes or other loot. It'll be more difficult to level up the higher you climb, but once players hit level 150, it won't get any tougher.


The full FAQ from Cactopus can be read here to clarify any additional questions, and the big uncapping of the levels is expected to occur sometime during the preseason.