Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’s Bonus Episode Gets A Release Date

Man. Very few games have had an impact over the past few months like Deck Nine’s Life is [...]

Life Is Strange

Man. Very few games have had an impact over the past few months like Deck Nine's Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Its characterization is something else, and the story it's told is nothing short of remarkable. But, alas, all good things must come to an end.

Fortunately, the saga is ending on a high note, as the Bonus Episode for Before the Storm is set to release on March 6. Titled Farewell, the episode will actually take place outside of the main story arc, and will also reintroduce the original voice actors for Max and Chloe, Hannah Telle and Ashley Burch. (These actresses were temporarily replaced due to an ongoing voice actors' strike that has since been resolved.)

The only way to get the Bonus Episode for the game is by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game. You can buy it digitally, or you can get the awesome collector's edition that was just introduced earlier today, which includes new outfits, a set of vinyl albums, an artbook, a "mixtape mode" and other great items. The episode won't be available for separate purchase.

As far as the return of the original voice actresses for Max and Chloe, Deck Nine was quite thrilled. "The team here were thrilled to hear the news that both Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch were able to come back together again to voice Max and Chloe," Deck Nine Games' Jeff Litchford noted. "We were really happy with Rhianna DeVrie's performance as Chloe in Before the Storm and the fan reaction to her has been great, she'll continue to work closely with us as part of a really close team we have created."

While it's sure to be a bittersweet goodbye for various Life Is Strange fans, Farewell really does look to close things out the right way. And who knows, maybe Max will make a return down the road in a new adventure. That's not a confirmation by any means, but considering Life Is Strange's impact over its various episodes, you never know.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.