Little Nightmares May Get Horrific DLC Starring A New Boy Character

If you haven’t played Little Nightmares, you’re missing out on a truly creepy survival horror [...]

If you haven't played Little Nightmares, you're missing out on a truly creepy survival horror adventure. In my review of the game I called Little Nightmares "a brief, yet potent jolt to the system," and concluded that the game's great art direction and atmosphere made up for its brief length (around three to four hours).

Well, good (terrifying) news! It seems like the Little Nightmares' horrific experience may be expanding! Publisher Bandai Namco recently dropped what seemed like a pretty standard accolades trailer, but the final moments hint at something more. We see Little Nightmares protagonist Six looking at an unsettling eye-shaped monitor with the image of another child on it – a boy in blue pajamas. Could a new playable character be coming to Little Nightmares? Perhaps even a remixed campaign?

For those who haven't been following Little Nightmares, here's how Tarsier Studios describes their game:

"Trapped in the darkest depths of The Maw, starving and alone, Six's world is one filled with danger. Most children would have already given up, but Six is different. She's smart, and tough, and has a lovely yellow raincoat. She belongs elsewhere. Confront your childhood fears in this darkly whimsical tale of Six and The Maw. Trapped in this grim world with nothing but her wits and a lighter, Six must find light in the darkness and strength in her weakness if she is to survive.

Explore a disturbingly charming dollhouse that is both a prison and a playground. Part dream, part nightmare, every step through The Maw feels like a leap, and every shadow a vast darkness! Reconnect with your inner child, and unleash your imagination to stay out of harm's way. In this oversized world you must be smart, resourceful and ready for anything, for even the smallest doubt can lead to a fatal misstep."

Little Nightmares is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.