Here's What Garurumon and Other 'Digimon' Characters Would Look Like In a Live-Action Film

Digimon is a 90s franchise that has still managed to keep its fan base captivated and through the years, we've seen some incredible fan art depicting some of our favorite characters. With so many live-action interpretations of our favorite stories in recent years, one artist decided to re-imagine what Digimon would look like in a similar style. The results? Scarily good:

Artist @georgeevangelista definitely has incredible talent and this isn't the only 90s show that he's shown some love to. From Pokemon, to Street Sharks - his dedication to nostalgia is inspiring.

We've shared some of his work in the past, but in case you missed his previous entries into the Digimon fandom:

But he's also done a few Pokemon ones too, and we need like 10 of those Pikachus, STAT:

With the Detective Pikachu live-action movie having successfully made fans pull a 180 on their thoughts on the upcoming film, it's understandable why some would be curious to see how Digimon would turn out in a similar format. While there are no plans to make a live-action film at this time, we at least have the charming anime to tide us over.


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