New Lord of the Rings Game Announced

A new video game tied to Middle-earth and The Lord of the Rings has today been announced to be in development. Although details on the project are still incredibly sparse, this game itself is being published by Private Division, which is the label behind projects like The Outer Worlds and Hades. And as for the game's developer, it happens to be coming from a studio that has direct ties to The Lord of the Rings film franchise. 

Announced via a press release, Private Division today revealed that it's collaborating with Wētā Workshop on a new video game tied to The Lord of the Rings. For those unaware, Wētā Workshop is a special effects company from New Zealand that helped work on all of the movies associated with The Lord of the Rings. Back in 2014, the studio founded a gaming division and is now in the process of working on a project tied to this fictional universe. While details about this game are still unknown, it is said to be "set in the Middle-earth universe of J.R.R. Tolkien."

"We are thrilled to partner with Wētā Workshop to publish a game set in such an extraordinary and celebrated universe," said the head of Private Division Michael Worosz. "The Lord of the Rings IP is home to so many remarkable stories, and no entity is better equipped than the team at Wētā Workshop to create a distinctive, new Middle-earth gaming experience."  

As mentioned, there is still essentially nothing concrete that we know about this upcoming game as of today. Not only has a title for the game not yet been given, but we don't know what genre it will belong to either. The only thing that has been stated outside of this broad announcement is that Private Division expects to release the title in the 2024 fiscal year for Take-Two Interactive. This means that it should launch at some point between April 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024. 

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