Luigi's Mansion 3 DLC Part 2 Available Now

This console generation, Nintendo has put a major focus on releasing DLC updates for its games. As a result, Nintendo Switch games such as Super Mario Maker 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order have received a lot of post-game content. Luigi's Mansion 3 has followed this particular trend, and the game's DLC has been split into two separate packs. The first was released earlier this year, and Part 2 is now available. The DLC set is only available to those who purchase both packs. As such, players that have already purchased the first pack will receive this one for free!

As far as content goes, DLC Part 2 is somewhat similar to its predecessor, so players will once again receive a trio of new outfits for Luigi. The latest batch includes The Amazing Luigi, Cap'n Weegee, and Paleontoluigist. These alternate outfits for Luigi can be used exclusively in the game's ScareScraper mode. ScareScraper mode can be played either solo, or in co-op, as players take on a variety of different challenges while making their way up the floors. The ScareScraper is getting three new floors as part of DLC Part 2, and each one includes new ghosts to fit those themes.

DLC Part 2 also includes three new ScreamPark games: PuckStravanganza, Floaty Frenzy, and Desperate Measures. For those who haven't played Luigi's Mansion 3 yet, the ScreamPark features basic multiplayer mini-games that might seem somewhat similar to those found in the Mario Party franchise.

The Luigi's Mansion 3 DLC can be purchased for $9.99. As an added incentive for purchasing, players will receive a new flashlight. Unlike the new Luigi costumes, the flashlight can be used in the main game, as well as the multiplayer. The flashlight is called the Flashlight Type-P, and it's based on Polterpup, the ghost dog that has become a bit of a secondary mascot for the game.

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