Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's Secret Character Has Been Revealed

Earlier today, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order received a brand-new DLC expansion, Shadow of Doom. The new content focuses on the Fantastic Four, as well as Doctor Doom, whose presence as a playable character in the game was spoiled by Marvel Games. However, the DLC also has a secret sixth playable character, which is unlocked by completing Ultimate mode. Completing the mode unlocks a second version of Thanos, this time in a new look, and wielding the Infinity Gauntlet! Thanos was already unlockable in the game, but this is technically a different character. As such, players can actually have two versions of the villain on one team!

Given Thanos' prominent role in Ultimate Alliance 3, and his general popularity thanks to the Marvel Studios films, it's not all that surprising to see the character get even more of a focus. This version of the mad Titan does seem to make the initial version a bit redundant, however. The Infinite version of the character is far stronger, allowing players to cut loose in the game. As such, it's meant to be more for fun, and players shouldn't expect a balanced game experience when using the new version of Thanos. Since Shadow of Doom seems to be the game's final bit of DLC, this overpowered version of Thanos is the perfect way to cap things off.

However, since Thanos was already available in the game, some fans seem to be a bit disappointed by the news. After all, the Marvel Universe has a massive number of characters that players would have been happy to see in the game. That said, it should be pointed out that the Shadow of Doom DLC was only supposed to have five playable characters, so this version of Thanos truly is just an extra bit of content. Given the sheer number of playable heroes and skins in Ultimate Alliance 3, it seems a bit hard to complain.

Spoiler! In case anyone was wondering who the secret character is. from r/MAU3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is currently available for Nintendo Switch. Thanos (Infinity) is only available to those who purchase the game's expansion pass.


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