Magic: The Gathering Reveals Official Title of Its Next Set

Magic: The Gathering has revealed the title of its next set, teasing a brand new plane for players to explore. Earlier today at SDCC, received a formal paper invitation from Hasbro to attend the upcoming Magic: The Gathering panel this weekend at the convention. The invitation stated that "The Royal Courts of Eldraine" requested the honor of our presence at the event, and had "Throne of Eldraine" on its interior surrounded by pictures of fairies flying through the air. It appears that "Throne of Eldraine" will be the name of the next set and will be officially announced this weekend.

Curiously, Eldraine isn't the name of a known character or location in Magic: The Gathering lore and appears to have a theme involving fairies or fey creatures.. While Magic: The Gathering previously confirmed that the set would take place on a brand new plane, many suspected that the set would have ties to an existing Planeswalker or character. While fairies or fey creatures would be a radical departure from recently released sets, it would continue Magic: The Gathering's proud tradition of exploring new worlds and summoning new creatures. The new set will also likely serve as a launching point for the game's new core plotline, as a multi-year arc involving the planeswalker dragon Nicol Bolas wrapped up earlier this year in the War of the Spark set.


We should find out more about "Throne of Eldraine" this weekend at SDCC. Hasbro's Magic: The Gathering panel takes place on July 20th at 6:30 PM PT. The new set will be released on October 4th, with pre-release events taking place on September 28-29.