Magic the Gathering Announces New Throne of Eldraine Set

Magic: The Gathering is exploring a new world in its next set. Earlier this evening, Magic: The Gathering announced Throne of Eldraine, a new set that seems to take heavy inspiration from fairy tales and traditional folklore. The new set will be released on October 4, 2019 and will be set in the new plane of Eldraine, a world described as a mix between Camelot and Grimm's Fairy Tales. The new set will feature creepy new takes on classic fairy tale characters like Little Red Riding Hood, the Gingerbread Man, Snow White, the Little Mermaid, and even King Arthur.

Of course, Throne of Eldraine is more than just a new piece of Magic: The Gathering mythology. The new set will introduce some new changes to Magic: The Gathering, specifically to booster packs. Throne of Eldraine will be the first set to have Theme and Collector Booster packs. Theme Booster packs will contain an increased number of cards of a certain color, while Collector Booster packs will come with one rare or mythic rare card, one foil rare or mythic rare card, nine foil common or uncommon cards, three "special frame cards," one ancillary card, and one foil token. The new Collector Booster pack will cost $20 to $25 per pack.


You can check out some of new art from Throne of Eldraine above, or in Magic: The Gathering's official tweets below: