Mario Voice Actor Earns Impressive New Guinness World Record


The voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, has earned a brand-new Guinness World Record for the most video game performances as the same character.

Thanks to the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last week, Martinet has now racked up 100 different video games where he has lent his iconic voice of Mario.

The news arrived earlier this morning via Martinet's personal Instagram:

As you may know, Martinet has been the voice behind Mario's expressionless face for nearly three decades, earning his first appearances back in 1992 with the release of Mario Teaches Typing and the Super Mario Bros. pinball machine.

Since then, Martinet, without fail, has lent his voice to Mario across 100 different games. In addition to providing the voice of Mario for Nintendo, Martinet has also stretched his talents to other Mario franchise characters, such as Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi.

The 63-year-old actor has also worked on numerous games beyond Mario, such as Jet Set Radio, Super Punch Out, Shinobi, Ratchet and Clank, Kane & Lynch, and Lord of the Rings. It's probably pretty safe to say Charles Martinet is one of the most prolific and prominent video game voice actors of all-time.

That said, as you would expect, Nintendo and Mario fans were quick to congratulate Martinet on the impressive achievement:


Before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released, Martinet's most recent release involving him as Mario was 2017's Super Mario Odyssey. To get to 100 is impressive enough on its own, but to cap the journey with games like Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate must make it all the more sweeter. Here's to hoping for another 100!

Thanks, Nintendo Everything.