Mario Kart Tour is Finally Getting Multiplayer

When Mario Kart Tour arrived on Android and iOS devices last year, reception was a bit mixed. The mobile game was about as faithful a take on Nintendo's classic multiplayer game as the format could allow, but there were still a number of classic elements missing from the game, most notably multiplayer! That's all set to change in just a few short days when multiplayer finally comes to Mario Kart Tour on March 8th. The game will allow players to race against up-to-seven friends or racers from around the world. Multiplayer was previously offered in beta form, but only to Gold Pass subscribers. With the game's new update, everyone can compete!

Mario Kart Tour's online options will have various rules. Friends can customize those rules as they see fit, but Standard races are a bit more rigid. These online match-ups will feature two rule changes per day, and only allow for 100cc races. Gold races (which are exclusive to those with Gold Pass), will feature four rule changes throughout the day, and allow for 150cc and 200cc races.

For a long time, Nintendo was notably hesitant regarding the idea of releasing mobile games. While investors pushed for the move, Nintendo worried that releasing games on phones would reduce the incentive for people to purchase their consoles. Nintendo eventually caved, and began offering some of their most popular franchises as mobile offerings. However, the gameplay in these titles has always been notably different from their console brethren, in ways both large and small. Part of this naturally boils down to the lack of buttons on mobile devices, but some fans have seen it as an intentional effort to make the company's mobile games act more as a teaser for the publisher's larger console options.

Of course, given the sales of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch, it doesn't seem that Nintendo needs to get more people playing! Mario Kart Tour has also proven fairly successful. The game was Apple's Most Downloaded Free iOS game of 2019, and the biggest mobile release ever for Nintendo.


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