Marvel's Avengers Giving Away New Anniversary Freebies

Marvel's Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics has revealed that it's giving away some new in-game freebies to celebrate the game's second anniversary. Since first getting released back in 2020, Marvel's Avengers has routinely given players new items to add to their inventories on a pretty regular basis. Now, that trend has continued once again, although these new freebies happen to be a bit more extensive than what we've seen in the past. 

Starting today and lasting until September 15th, Marvel's Avengers players can look to download a free "present" that Crystal Dynamics is giving out for the game's birthday. This present takes the form of an Anniversary bundle which contains a 7-Day Fragment Extractor, 7-Day Hero Catalyst, and a unique 2-Year Anniversary Nameplate. Additionally, the bundle also includes a handful of other Nameplates that have been released in the past. Specifically, some of these nameplates are tied to the recent MCU film Thor: Love and Thunder and the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel

To go along with this free bundle, Marvel's Avengers is making some pretty steep discounts in the marketplace. Also lasting until September 15th, a number of different Outfits, Emotes, Nameplates, and other items have all been discounted by 50%. So if you've been looking to buy anything from Avengers with real money, now might be a good time to do so. 

Lastly, a number of in-game events will also be appearing in Marvel's Avengers over the next two weeks as well. These events include the Cosmic Threat, Tachyon Anomaly, and Corrupted Vibranium missions. All in all, Crystal Dynamics is trying to give players a number of reasons to return to Marvel's Avengers this month to celebrate the game's anniversary. Whether or not is results in a return of players across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms remains to be seen, but if nothing else, it's good to see that the game is still getting quite a bit of support. 


Are you going to look to play Marvel's Avengers at any point soon to grab these freebies for yourself? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.