Marvel Champions Expansions Delayed Until 2020

Fantasy Flight Games has confirmed that upcoming expansions for Marvel Champions: The Card Game will be delayed until 2020. The game manufacturer quietly broke the news on their website earlier this week that the first set of expansions, which will add heroes and villains like Green Goblin, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and the Wrecking Crew, won't be released until 2020. The listings for all four packs were updated on Fantasy Flight's "Upcoming Products" page with new listings for January through April 2020 respectively. Several of the expansions were previously announced for "Fourth Quarter 2019" releases. The French Fantasy Flight Games Twitter account also confirmed the delays.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a Living Card Game, which means that new cards are continuously added through monthly expansion packs. So far, Marvel Champions has announced two different types of expansions - Hero Packs that add new heroes to the game and Scenario Packs that add new villains for players to face. Each expansion is intended as a standalone set, so players can skip over the heroes and villains they don't want to use and simply purchase the card packs that they do want to add to their collection.

Marvel Champions' Core Set is a standalone product that contains five heroes and three scenarios, so the delays shouldn't impact players' enjoyment of the game too much. While its disappointing that we won't see more Marvel Champions content this year, we can't wait to see what Fantasy Flight Games has in store for Marvel fans in 2020!

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