Marvel Champions Reveals Timeline Craziness With Kang Scenario Pack

Fantasy Flight Games' Marvel Champions: The Card Game already has villains like Ultron, Rhino, Green Goblin, and more for heroes to take on, but their latest addition to the hit game might just be the most difficult and unique challenge for players yet. Fantasy Flight recently announced a new Scenario Pack for Marvel Champions titled The Once And Future Kang, as you can guess from the title, it features Kang The Conqueror in all his time traveling glory. Fantasy Flight really embraced Kang's temporal powers for this set, making this the most creative villain battle in the game thus far, as you'll be fighting multiple versions of Kang across multiple timelines throughout the game.

So here's how it works. Your first battle is with Kang The Conqueror (as part of The Once and Future Kang 1), and this is a pretty straightforward battle. He can hit you with cards like Future Weapons and utilize attachments like his Temporal Shield, but the fight operates like others you've done before in Marvel Champions.

After he is defeated here though things switch up in a big way. Kang responds to his first defeat by flinging your team of heroes across time and space (The Once and Future Kang 8A), and each hero will be sent to a different timeline to face a different version of Kang on their own. You can be sent to timelines like The Chronopolis or The Realm of Rama-Tut, and you'll face various versions of Kang over the years, including his Iron Lad and Scarlet Centurion forms.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

As one hero takes down their version of Kang they can then hop over to another timeline and join one of their teammates to help them take Kang down and so on until everyone is together. At that point, everyone returns to the present and you enter the final confrontation. Kang will pull out all the tricks in this fight, so expect this to be a throwdown for the ages.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

The Kang Scenario Pack also comes with three modular encounter sets, which can either be added to this scenario or any other scenario you already own for Marvel Champions. These include battling a Tyrannosaurus Rex in Central Park, battling Kang in a Master of Time set, or taking on Kang's Anachronauts for a steeper challenge.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

The Kang Scenario Pack will hit stores in October of this year, and let us know what you think of the set in the comments. You can also always talk all things Marvel Champions and tabletop with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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