Marvel Champions Hero Pack Leaked on eBay

An eBay listing may have leaked an upcoming Marvel Champions hero. Over the weekend, a posting for a Dr. Strange Hero Pack for Marvel Champions went up on eBay. The listing showed off the front and back of the Hero Pack, which contains a pre-built 40 card deck for Dr. Strange, along with 24 new cards that can be added to any deck and a Baron Mordo nemesis set. In total, the set contains 60 cards, which matches other Hero Packs recently sold by Marvel Champions. Interestingly, the product code listed for the set (MC08en) hints that this would be released in May after the release of a Thor pack and another hero pack set for release in April. The listing appears legitimate, and the person who made the post also sold a Wrecking Crew Scenario Pack for Marvel Champions that hasn't been announced.

Marvel Champions has quickly become a hot commodity among tabletop gaming fans. Players build a deck centered around a single hero and then work either on their own or with other players to defeat a villain before they complete a scheme. Each Hero Pack contains a pre-made playable deck, and players can also choose to build their own deck with few restrictions.

As a Living Card Game, new card packs will be released for Marvel Champions on a monthly (or near-monthly) basis. We know that we'll have a Thor Hero Pack, a Wrecking Crew Scenario Pack, and three unannounced Hero Packs coming out in early 2020, followed by the release of a new box set. The unannounced Hero Packs would likely include this Doctor Strange pack, along with packs speculated to be Black Widow and Daredevil. Fantasy Flight Games is set to announce the first of the three new hero packs on January 16th. Whether that's Dr. Strange or another hero remains to be seen.


We'll have more news about Marvel Champions later this month. In the meantime, the Marvel Champions Core Set is available for sale now.

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