Marvel: Crisis Protocol Announces New Rules Changes, Including Revised Character Cards

Atomic Mass Games has announced its first major revisions to the rules of the miniatures skirmish game Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Last night, Atomic Mass Games closed out its Ministravaganza streaming weekend with the announcement of some upcoming rules revisions to Marvel: Crisis Protocol. These changes will include revised stat cards for several miniatures and revisions to how players build rosters and choose which scenarios they compete in. Although these changes won't affect the core gameplay of Marvel: Crisis Protocol, they should be enough of a shakeup to keep fans intrigued for months to come. 

Several of the biggest rules changes involve the building of rosters, the set of characters and cards players bring to an actual game of Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Players will now be able to bring 10 Tactic Cards instead of 8, and players will randomly choose between three Crisis cards instead of eliminating one and having their opponent pick between the other two. Players will also now be able to include two characters with the same name on their roster, instead of having to choose between multiple models. This means that players can include two Spider-Man miniatures on their 10-character roster, but they still can only use one of those characters on the battlefield. Additionally, players will now have to equip Infinity Stones to their characters during roster creation instead of moving them around during squad collection, which should nerf some of the versatility of the Black Order.

The other major announcement is that several early characters will receive either buffs or debuffs with the release of new character cards. Both MODOK and Shuri are receiving minor downgrades - MODOK's "Bow to the will of MODOK" has been changed to activating once per turn and his re-roll abilities have been downgraded, while Shuri's Panther Gauntlets can no longer push any character regardless of their size. Meanwhile, Captain America and Hulk are both receiving buffs. Hulk received a major upgrade, with revamped defenses and a way to generate additional power. Captain America's Shield Throw also received a boost and his Strike has been upgraded to push away larger characters, which should make him a little more viable in Avengers rosters.

The revamped character cards will be made available as free-to-print downloads later this year, with plans to release a revised card pack at some point next year. New card layouts will also be released with an emphasis on ease of reading.


Additionally, Atomic Mass Games also announced several new X-Men figures for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, which will be released next year.