Marvel: Crisis Protocol Previews Thor and Valkyrie

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has provided fans with a preview of their next Character Pack, which will include Thor and Valkyrie. On Thursday, Atomic Mass Games showed off the Character cards for Thor and Valkyrie as part of its weekly Transmissions stream. This provided fans with their first look at the new Asgardians faction, as well as Thor and Valkyrie's attacks and abilities. Notably, Thor will be Marvel: Crisis Protocol's first ever 5 Threat character, making him the most dangerous character in the tabletop skirmish game.

Thor comes with several beastly abilities, including a powerful area attack that hits all characters within a range of two for 7 damage dice (at a cost of 6 Power) and a long-range Hammer Throw attack that causes Shock with a cost of only 1 Power. Thor's Asgardian leadership ability also allows allied characters to heal 1 damage or remove a special condition at the start of their turn at a cost of only 1 Power, which provides some invaluable innate healing. Thor can also fly, toss most objects around, and has a special superpower that allows him to move and attack with a single action, with the attack dealing Stagger if it does damage. Basically, Thor is a big ol' hoss and will be a major presence in every game he's a part of.

Valkyrie is a 3 Threat character focused on close-range attacks. Her main attack uses her Dragon Fang sword to hit for 7 damage dice, causes bleed, and allows her to make a bonus Strike attack when a Wild is rolled. She also has a Charge superpower that lets her move and then attack in a single Action, and a Warrior of Legend superpower that allows her to change dice to hits for every wild and critical rolled on the next attack. Her superpowers give her the ability to do a TON of damage, although she's limited to only close range attacks.


The Thor and Valkyrie Character Pack included one other small surprise. The Asgardians affiliation card revealed that Angela, the Neil Gaiman character originally created for Spawn and then added to the Marvel Universe as Thor's sister, will also be coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

The Thor and Valkyrie Character Pack will be released for Marvel: Crisis Protocol later this year.