Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet: Love Letter Announced

One of the most popular games around is getting a Marvel makeover, as Z-Man just revealed a new take on Love Letter titled Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game. The new version of the classic card game features a one versus many twist, as players can either play as Thanos or as the heroes trying to stop him. Those who play as Thanos will attempt to collect the Infinity Stones and destroy the world with a snap of your fingers, while those who oppose you will team-up as the heroes to whittle down Thanos's health to zero and keep him from collecting the powerful stones.

1 to 5 players can take part in the game, and those who play as Thanos will have a two-card hand to use instead of one and will draw from a deck of minions and Infinity Stones. Meanwhile, on the hero side, you'll pull from a different deck aimed at helping the team fight Thanos and collecting information on Thanos' next move.

Here's an example of how gameplay works. On Thanos's turn, he might deploy an Outrider and guess a hero's card. If he does he will knock down the hero's life by one point. He can also choose to utilize one of his allies in the Black Order, like Ebony Maw for instance, who can help Thanos by drawing an additional card to place at the bottom of the deck.

(Photo: Z-Man)

Thanos' minion cards can also be used to keep the heroes occupied while he hunts for the stones, and if he manages to get his hands on one of those stones the balance tips further in his favor. These cards are incredibly powerful, and one example of this is the Power Stone card, which gets him 3 power tokens that he can use in his next battles. Another example is the Space Stone, which allows him to take on 2 different opponents in one battle.

Things play out more traditionally on the hero side, as each hero card will grant you a different ability. Spider-Man, for instance, allows you to guess a number and defeat 1 card of that number in Thanos' hand, while Gamora allows you to choose a teammate to look at a card in Thanos's hand. Black Panther gives you or a teammate 1 power token, and there are plenty more heroes to play as in the mix.

(Photo: Z-Man)

We've been looking for another reason to play Love Letter, and while the original and Letters to Santa versions never go out of style, it's always good to get another cool take on the card game classic.


Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game hits this summer.

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