Marvel Multiverse RPG Releases New Rules Update; Adds Five New Characters

The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game has received its first update, which comes with a significant tweak to the game rules, and five new characters. Marvel published a rules update for its upcoming tabletop roleplaying game earlier this week, providing players with the first update since the comics publisher originally released the first iteration of its playtest earlier this year. The rules contain five new Marvel characters that can be used in playtest campaigns – the heroes Thor (Jane Foster) and She-Hulk, as well as the villains Kingpin, Vulture, and Sabretooth. 

A significant change was also made to combat – players now compare their attack roll (determined by rolling 3D6 and adding their Might modifier) against a target's Might score. Previously, players made attack rolls against an opponent's Agility score instead. Damage calculations are also consolidated into the attack roll itself. Damage is now calculated by taking the number shown on the attack roll's Marvel dice, multiplying it by their Rank, and then adding their Might modifier and any other relevant modifiers based on their abilities and traits. The Tech Reliance trait also received a nerf to make it less powerful.

When the Marvel Multiverse RPG playtest packet was first released earlier this year, it immediately received stiff criticism due to what many felt were convoluted rules, as character building involved multiple feat trees, tables, and complicated calculations. At least part of the reason for the complicated system is that its designers are attempting to encapsulate the entire Marvel universe in one game, creating a universal set of rules that allows players to play as characters with a diverse range of abilities and powersets. 

You can check out the revised rules on Marvel's website. The Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game is due to be released sometime in 2023.