Marvel Realm of Champions Reveals the Inspiration Behind Thor's Gear

As part of its major 3.0 update earlier this week, Marvel Realm of Champions finally added Thor to its roster. Thor is a melee bruiser in the mobile video game from Kabam and can wield different weapons and gear inspired from different incarnations of Thor over the years across pop culture mediums. There are several different gear sets that should be immediately familiar to Marvel fans while others are perhaps more of a deep cut. Thankfully, Gabriel Frizzera, Creative Director for Marvel Realm of Champions, was gracious enough to explain the different points of inspiration for the various Thor gear sets.

Starter Set

(Photo: Kabam/Marvel Games)

Official description: Each Thor must prove they are worthy by lifting Mjolnir. When they do, they are awarded a set of this armor as a new warrior of the Thor Corps of the Asgardian Republic! This set is one of the first that players will experience playing Thor.

"This set was designed based on various classic versions of Thor from the comics," said Frizzera, "with a winged helmet and quilted metal arm protection."

Demon Slayer Set

Demon Slayer
(Photo: Kabam/Marvel Games)

Official description: Forged from the rarest metals of the Ten Realms, this armor provides protection while giving glory to Asgard. Embrace the hunt with this gearset and stand out from the crowd!

"This set was inspired by Walt Simonson’s classic run in the '80s," Frizzera noted. "It has a more Viking vibe to it, with a beard and closed golden helmet and armor plate."

Victor Set

(Photo: Kabam/Marvel Games)

Official description: No one likes a clean gladiator! This ferocious set is designed to take the brunt of vicious attacks in the Arena. Collect each piece of this set to look like a champion!

"This set is inspired by the Sakaar Gladiator from the movie Thor Ragnarok," explained Frizzera, "with alien leather armor, short hair and battle paint on the face."

Destroyer Set

(Photo: Kabam/Marvel Games)

Official description: This enchanted armor of the Skyfathers was meant to contain mighty power to strike down those who challenge the gods. Equip it and destroy all those who would dare challenge your supremacy.

"This set is inspired by the Destroyer, the powerful golem animated by Odin’s power," Frizzera clarified. "Its scalloped armor usually has no one inside, but in this case it houses the might of Thor."



Thor is now available as part of the recently released 3.0 update for Marvel Realm of Champions. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular mobile video game right here.

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