‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Fan Has Noticed Something Peculiar About His Classic Suit

Ever since its release back in September, Marvel's Spider-Man has been blowing our minds with its amazing open-world design, fantastic visuals and fun combat. And we're still enjoying it, even with all its main downloadable content released.

But a fan brought up an interesting notion on Reddit that fans have been wondering about, regarding the web-shooters that Spidey utilizes within his suit.

He noted, "A thing that only now I noticed: if you look closely to the Classic Suit's wrist, you can see the web shooters' wristbands under the suit." And he even posted a picture to see how they're embedded within it.

Spiderman 2
(Photo: Reddit)

This has led to some interesting comments from fans, including one from LeonardoCouto, who noted, "I didn't study every part of the suit, but when I got this pic, I noticed it, specially in the left arm."

Another, FrizyCurls, was a bit critical about the design, saying, "Insomniac's attention to detail" along with several frowny faces.

And then some folks have been having fun with the lingo, like PteranAdan, who said, "Nah it's probably the whipdap seronium of his maximus decimus meridius," leading to a response of "Damn. You right. Teach me how to med school senpai."

But one fan summed up why the web-shooters are set up this way. "Thats smart actually, this way someone cant try and RIP them off." Yeah, seriously, you just can't trust supervillains these days. They see them and SNAG!

Regardless of what was chosen, the work that Insomniac Games has done with the visuals in this game is really something, from the fibers of the suit to the awesome Photo Mode- which fans are still playing around with months later. It's a true testament from the studio, and leaves you wondering just what they might be working on next.

You can check out our review of Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 here, which tells you exactly why you should enjoy this game- design quirks and all.

Spider-Man is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.


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