Spider-Man PS4 Opening Cutscene and Fight Revealed at VK Fest

Spider-Man fans got a huge treat last weekend at VK Fest in St. Petersburg. Insomniac Games showed up to the event with its latest preview build of Marvel's Spider-Man, which swings onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on September 7. Above you can see the footage which was revealed to the public there, showing off the opening moments of the game, as well as Spidey's first major skirmish.

This is our first look at the "classic" Spider-Man uniform in action. We already knew that players would begin the game wearing the classic blue, red, and black suit before acquiring the "advanced" or "white spider" suit, but actually seeing that fat red spider on Parker's back was a real treat; it brought back great memories of the old-school comics and cartoon.

The footage also gives us our closest look at Parker's apartment. Honestly, the mess makes me feel a lot better about my own living room. Parker's experiments and creations are strewn across tables, the walls, and the floor. We know that Parker is some kind of scientist in this game, though his exact vocation is still unknown. It's clear that he's a gifted inventor and engineer, though. He's obviously responsible for his own web-shooters, and we can see him making adjustments to his mask as well.

This may, unfortunately, put a popular fan theory to rest. Many were speculating that the since the Spider-Man suit is so technically impressive, and since Parker is a young a budding scientist in the game, that perhaps he's working with Tony Stark on some of his gear. After the reveal of the Infinity War Iron Spider suit, the theory gained stronger legs, with many assuming that the suit's inclusion was proof that Iron Man, or at least Stark, would play a part in the game. Now we know that Parker is more than capable of maintaining his own equipment.

Still, the video does reveal one more Easter egg that may hint at Tony Stark's presence in the game. A post-it note on the wall servers as a reminder for Parker to "call T.S." We have more on that theory right here.


At any rate, we won't have to wait much longer to find out. No doubt, some of you will opt not to watch the video at all because we only have about five weeks left before Spider-Man finally drops! It feels like we've been waiting a lifetime, and we have no doubt that it will be worth the wait. If you've been meaning to upgrade your PS4 to a PS4 Pro in preparation, then you'll definitely want to consider the limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle, which was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con. Check out the console and find links to pre-order right here.