Marvel Studios Releases First Poster For Avengers: Damage Control

Virtual reality experts ILMxLAB shared the first poster for Avengers: Damage Control this week to preview the VR experience Marvel fans will be able to take part in soon. The poster presents an impressive image of one core part of the experience that we’ve seen in trailers where someone finds themselves putting on an Iron Man-like suit and wielding its powers. Created by Stark Industries and Wakandan technology, the suits like the one shown in the first official poster allow people to shoot repulsor blasts from their hands among other abilities.

The first poster can be seen below courtesy of a Facebook post from ILMxLAB, the creators of Avengers: Damage Control who partnered with marvel Studios to make the experience possible. We’ve seen two different types of suits in the past previews of this VR experience, and the poster showcases one of those.

ILMxLAB’s social media post also reminded its followers of the October 18th release date for Avengers: Damage Control and how people will be able to experience it for themselves. This experience will only be found at The Void at select locations, so you’ll have to check out The Void’s site to see if Avengers: Damage Control is coming to a venue near you where you’ll likely find posters like the one below among others.

“Shuri has recruited your team to test a powerful new prototype design combining Wakandan and Stark technologies,” a preview of the VR experience said. “When an enemy from the past seeks to steal the technology, you'll fight alongside some of your favorite Avengers like Doctor Strange, Wasp, Ant-Man and more to stop the attack before they unleash an oppressive new age upon the world.”

This poster was shared earlier in the week by the VR experience creators, but its’ not even the most recent reveal we’ve seen for Avengers: Damage Control. ILMxLAB released the first full trailer for the experience on Thursday following the teaser which was shared when it was originally announced. This full trailer showed off more of the story you’ll experience if you’re able to try out Avengers: Damage Control yourself and reintroduced us to characters like Doctor Strange, War Machine, Wasp, Hulk, and more.


The trailer also gave us a first look at a new suit for Spider-Man and begged the question of whether or not this meant Ultron will be returning to the MCU or not.

Avengers: Damage Control will come to select The Void locations starting on October 18th.