Marvel's Avengers Open Beta Starts Early on All Platforms

Marvel’s Avengers’ beta has gone live early once again for the third week in a row, but this time, it’s up for everyone to take part in. That’s because this weekend is the beta is open to everyone on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms regardless of if you’re pre-ordered the game or not. The beta is scheduled to last from now until August 23rd whenever the servers close down again where they’ll remain closed until the game’s release date since this is the last beta opportunity.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced the early start of this weekend’s beta on Twitter just as they did the past two weeks when the betas went live ahead of schedule. This will be the third beta now available to players on the PlayStation 4 and the second for those on the Xbox One or PC platforms and is open to everyone whether you’ve got a pre-order or not.

From the time since the beta first went live, we’ve seen it get updated more than once with adjustments, bugfixes, and more options for players to tweak. The Marvel’s Avengers team has also addressed different beta topics throughout its availability like repetitiveness of the enemies encountered in the beta and how that’ll be different in the full game.

“Well, in the beta you're level-limited and the way enemies work is that we introduce them by both the region, the space you're in, and the level as well, so that at the higher power levels, you're not seeing the same enemies again," said Lead Combat Designer Vince Napoli. "We didn't want that to be the effect, so very consciously we 'un-gate' them by tier, so you're basically seeing everything that is under the gated tier. The power cap is only 45 for the beta, so you're basically seeing enemies up to that cap, basically.”


Players have already been figuring out helpful tricks for the different Marvel’s Avengers characters as well. Those tricks include things like the option to pass off Iron Man’s Hulkbuster to someone else and the confirmation that we’ll see some unique combo attacks from different heroes when they combine their powers in certain ways.

Marvel’s Avengers’ open beta is live now until August 23rd, and the game is scheduled to release on September 4th.