Marvel's Avengers Beta Goes Live Early for Second Week

The second public week of the Marvel’s Avengers beta set to go live on Friday is now available ahead of when it was originally supposed to be live. The same happened last weekend when it went live for the PlayStation 4 players who had pre-ordered the game already, but this weekend, the beta is available to the PlayStation 4 and PC communities as well as some on the Xbox One. It’s live from now until Sunday night to give players another full weekend of Marvel’s Avengers gameplay.

People across all platforms have already begun playing the beta this Friday after it went live without much fanfare for the early release. Some people on the Xbox One have reported problems with getting into the beta, but they’ve worked around the issue by changing their consoles’ regions. Any lingering problems people are experiencing on their platforms will hopefully be cleared up soon as the beta progresses.

While the beta is indeed live now for all platforms it seems, it’s not completely open to everyone across the three available platforms. If you’re on the PlayStation 4, it’s entered the open beta stage where everyone can play regardless of if you pre-ordered the game or not. If you’re on the Xbox One or PC platform, you have to have already pre-ordered the game and gotten a code for the beta to participate.

The PC specs for the beta were revealed not long ago to let players know whether they can run the beta or not and how it’ll look on their devices based on minimum and recommended specs.


A new update for Marvel’s Avengers was also released ahead of the game’s latest weekend of testing. Notes for the update released this week didn’t show any major gameplay changes made to different parts of the experience, but the patch did include some welcome fixes for problems players encountered last weekend. Those included things like matchmaking issues and a bug that caused the screen to go black when players tried to hop into the Hulkbuster.

If you’re still not able to play the beta this weekend because you aren’t on the PlayStation 4 or didn’t pre-order the game, you can wait until next weekend when it’s open for everyone across all platforms to try it out. Until then, you can check out our impressions on the beta to see what to expect. We think it’ll probably win over some of the game’s skeptics.