Marvel's Avengers Finally Adds Captain America's Winter Soldier Skin

Captain America in Marvel's Avengers has all sorts of suits and costumes for players to pick through when deciding what to wear. These suits take inspirations from the hero's comics as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies he's been in, but among all those, one suit absent from Captain America's closet was the one he wore in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Crystal Dynamics has now rectified that absence, however, with Captain America's Winter Soldier suit now available in-game.

The skin in question can be seen below courtesy of the Marvel's Avengers Twitter account which showed it off this week. Those familiar with this specific look will recognize that Captain Americais indeed using his "stealth shield" in this cosmetic which was a pleasant surprise for fans given that some aspects of characters' designs sometimes aren't changed in cosmetics.

Those interested in this skin can pick it up in the in-game store now that it's available.

It comes at an opportune (and probably not accidental) time as well given that Crystal Dynamics have already confirmed that the next hero will be the Winter Soldier himself, Bucky Barnes. The devs made that announcement not long ago and teased what Bucky would look like in the game alongside a tease pertaining to the character's playstyle.

"In addition to the new OLT we're excited to announce a new Hero will also be joining our roster," Crystal Dynamics said. "As a result of the events of No Rest for the Wicked and Cloning Lab, James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes, the Winter Soldier, will rejoin his former allies and his mentor Steve Rogers. A hybrid brawler and marksman Hero, the Winter Soldier will add yet another way to be heroic in Marvel's Avengers."

Once Bucky's added to the game, we can expect that hero to get his own range of different cosmetics inspired by movies and comics that'll trickle into the game over time.

There's also another skin for Captain America players can perhaps look forward to assuming recent datamining efforts prove to be fruitful. A skin from one of Marvel's more divisive comic events was referenced in the game's files, apparently, but Square Enix has not yet officially announced that cosmetic for Captain America.