New Marvel's Avengers MCU Suit Revealed in an Unexpected Way

Marvel's Avengers is getting another new hero suit inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this one has been revealed through different means than players would typically expect. The suit is for Captain Americaand is inspired by his look from Avengers: Infinity War. Instead of being revealed on the socials for the game as we've seen from past skin reveals, however, this one was shared in a marketing email for the game without much fanfare beyond a tiny image of the new cosmetic.

The Infinity War skin for Captain America can be seen below courtesy of Reddit user czarbrown who shared it on Saturday within the main Marvel's Avengers subreddit. It shows a roughened version of Captain America with a battered costume and the shield on his back. It being modeled after the hero's Infinity War look, it fittingly has a similar style of hair and, most notably, the beard the hero sported in the Avengers movie.

Wait is this new ??????? From the marketplace email from PlayAvengers

Other Reddit users and people from other social platforms also shared the image with many of them noting that this skin hadn't technically been revealed yet, at least not in the traditional way. That means it's somewhere between a leak and an official reveal since it was technically included in an official correspondence from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, but it definitely wasn't revealed in the same manner that we've seen other MCU skins make their debut.

There've been no shortage of MCU skins since the developers first started rolling out these additional Marvel cosmetics in the game, so it's not surprising to see Captain America get yet another one. Black Panther, for example, got some MCU skins not long after the character was released. There's also no telling when these MCU skins will end either since there are so many Marvel movies to pull from. With Captain America's skin apparently coming soon while the game just got its Wakanda arc, there doesn't appear to be any particular order these releases follow, so players' favorite MCU looks could be dropping any day now if they haven't been released already.


Marvel's Avengers will likely show off this new Captain America skin soon through its socials now that it's been advertised in the marketing email, so expect to see those teases soon ahead of its release in the marketplace.