Marvel's Avengers Reveals New Kate Bishop Gameplay and Operation Details

Fans have been eager to see more of Kate Bishop in action ever since Marvel's Avengers first teased the newest addition to the roster, and at the most recent War Table we got our wish, as we saw her impressive ability set and a bit of the story additions she will launch with. Today we got an even better look and more in-depth footage of her abilities on a Crystal Dynamics community team stream with War Zone Director Phil Therien and Senior Narrative Designer Nicole Martinez, and you can check out the full stream in the video above. We also got a rundown of what will be coming with the Kate Bishop - Taking AIM Operation content, which isn't going to have everything originally planned due to some additional polish needed.

We saw the skill tree, which included her Support Heroic Decoy. The base version spawns a drone that shoots quantum arrows, though you can unlock new skills that enhance it further. Afterimage lets you swap places with the decoy, while Self Destruct pairs well with Afterimage, as you can teleport the drone and then have it detonate, hurting enemies around it.

Warp Arrow is her Assault Heroic, and it works as a long-range teleport when you fire the arrow, and it triggers an explosion, which primes them perfectly for juggles. You can then add things like Jumper or Wormhole to it, which is support oriented. Kate can teleport long distances but it allows her to create portals, allowing them to teleport to Kate or Kate to port to safety. You can also add Cloak of Oblivion, which gives those using the ability extra armor. Singularity lets you create a Gravity Well instead, floating other enemies and drawing them in so you can unleash attacks, followed by an explosion that sends them flying.

We also saw her Ultimate Heroic, Quantum Overdrive. This ability lets you power lots of arrows with Quantum Energy, and you can unleash a flurry or charge it, but it's the additional skills that let you get the most out of it. Quantum Storm lets you shoot crossbow bolt energy projectiles, and when critical mass is achieved on a target they explode.

You can also unlock Quantum Scythe, and this adds energy projectiles to her sword slashes, increasing your core melee damage and allowing range from her sword.

We then saw her in action in a HARM room, and the switching between her Katana and her bow (which can also shoot crossbow bolts with one particular skill) looked incredibly fun and smooth.

You can watch all the new gameplay in the video above, and we can't wait to actually play it.

Crystal Dynamics head of studio Scot Amos previously gave fans a tease of the amount of content that they can expect with each new hero that comes to the game, starting with Bishop.

"You're going to see this soon enough with our Kate Bishop expansion, but certainly, Kate for us is that first kind of hey look, here's a new hero with all kinds of new stuff, that has cutscenes, that has new set pieces," Amos said. "It's a different size and shape than certainly the reassemble campaign which is billed as the big enchilada with all six of them, but as we introduce our new heroes, they will actually come with everything from new skills and new gear and everything else you'd expect from a new hero."

You can find the official description for Marvel's Avengers below.

Marvel's Avengers is a unique take on these iconic Super Heroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor. This character-driven story celebrates authentic Marvel heroism and humanity in a cinematic campaign filled with single-player and co-op missions.


Marvel's Avengers is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC now.

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