Marvel's Avengers Confirms Taskmaster As Villain

Yesterday during its E3 conference, Square Enix finally revealed Marvel's Avengers, which is [...]

Yesterday during its E3 conference, Square Enix finally revealed Marvel's Avengers, which is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia next year. And during the game's first ever trailer there was a few brief glimpses at what looked like Taskmaster. So, was it Taskmaster? Yes, Marvel has since confirmed it was Taskmaster, who seems like he will be the main villain in the game, or at least a substantial villain.

As you will know, the game shares the same universe with Marvel's Spider-Man. And in the PS4 game Taskmaster mentions to Spidey that he had a little run in ran with the Avengers while out on the West Coast. In other words, it seems the events of this game were what he was referring to, essentially confirming Marvel's Avengers takes place before Marvel's Spider-Man.

(Photo: Square Enix)

For those that don't know: Taskmaster possesses the power to copy any fighting style or move that he observes. Often he carries a sword, shield, and a bow and arrows, but he's also known to carry knives, guns, and other weapons. In the screenshot above, he seems to be holding some remote explosives. That said, he can't mimic superhuman abilities, though he can achieve semi-superspeed by watching a fighting video in fast-motion.

After he masters a fighting style he's known to take and sell it to anyone for a high price. As for who he comes up against, it's more often than not Captain America, which would perhaps explain why he's in the game given Captain America is a core member of the Avengers. If you want, you can read more about the character here.

Marvel's Avengers is in development for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia, and is poised to release on May 15, 2020, priced at $60.

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