Marvel's Avengers Dev Says Deadpool Is His Favorite Hero

We're gradually getting closer to the release of Marvel's Avengers, and fans are hyped to see what [...]

We're gradually getting closer to the release of Marvel's Avengers, and fans are hyped to see what it brings to the world of Marvel Comics-inspired video games. As fans have seen in existing footage and details, the game is littered with allusions and Easter eggs to the larger Marvel Comics lore. It seems like the game is definitely a labor of love, and it looks like one of the game's developers is particularly fond of a certain corner of the Marvel universe. During a recent Q&A on Reddit, Marvel's Avengers War Zones director Philippe Therien was asked which Marvel character - who isn't in the game - is his favorite. Therien revealed that it's none other than Deadpool, because of his Canadian roots and "his sense of humor".

"Hard to tell you who I like outside the roster without starting a rumor that it's the next DLC hero...," Therien writes. "BUT! Avengers or otherwise my favorite hero is Deadpool, his sense of humor is my jam and he's Canadian!"

Of course, this definitely isn't an indication of Deadpool making his way into Marvel's Avengers anytime soon, as Therien specifically says that he doesn't want to start a rumor about the game's next DLC hero. Still, given the Merc with a Mouth's profound popularity, fans certainly would be happy if he eventually appeared in the game. (In the meantime, fans can certainly still play as Deadpool in other video games.)

The nature of the character roster has been on the mind of Avengers fans, with another executive hinting that the team is passionate about bringing in other characters -- including some less well-known ones.

"Here's the key thing," Crystal Dynamics Senior Brand Director Rich Briggs said in an interview last year. "You're talking to a bunch of fans, and this game is being made by a bunch of fans and we all, if you walk around our offices, we've all got different statues and different t-shirts and toys and things like that. So I think, as you mentioned, we've got 80 years of history of draw from. We obviously are only talking about the core six heroes today, but when you think about the fact that we want to deliver new heroes which come with their own new skills and deliver their own new narrative over the course of years, there is a ton for us to draw from. We already have a ton of stuff in progress, that we aren't ready to reveal just yet, but we promise you that we are approaching it from a position of fandom where I'm sure that a lot of your D-lists are right on our B-lists."

Marvel's Avengers will be released on September 4th.