'Marvel's Spider-Man' for PS4 Creative Director Shares "Freakin' Cool" Modded Webshooting Fit-Bit

Let's be real, the Spider-Man fandom is pretty freaking cool and a lot of fans show off their creative ways that they pay homage to the beloved Marvel hero. One Spider-Man cosplayer took his webslinging love to the next level when he modded his Fit-Bit to be the ultimate shooting accessory and it was so cool, it even caught the eye of the Creative Director for PS4's Marvel's Spider-Man.

After sharing his modification with the Twitter-verse, Creative Director Bryan Intihar retweeted the short video with the impressed caption, "This is so freakin' cool!":

Intihar wasn't the only one impressed - and for good reason:


Since the cosplayer is known for centering on this one specific character it's possible that we'll get to see this modified Fit-Bit in full costumed action in the near future! Consider my Fit-Bit has remained firmly in its original packaging for over a year now, a hat tip to you good sir.

What do you think about the nifty little modification? Have you done anything similar to replicate your favorite comic heroes? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!