'Marvel's Spider-Man: Silver Lining' DLC Pays Tribute to Stan Lee

Marvel’s Spider-Man players who have already completed the game’s latest DLC found a tribute [...]

Marvel's Spider-Man players who have already completed the game's latest DLC found a tribute to Stan Lee at the end of the third expansion's story.

The trailer for the Silver Lining DLC above previews what's included in the last part of the Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps content, so it's fair game with no spoilers in it for anyone who hasn't yet played the last DLC but is caught up to the point where it'd begin. Another video found below, however, shows the very end of the DLC as it transitions into a tribute to Lee, so it shouldn't be watched yet if you're wishing to avoid these spoilers.

At the end of the DLC, Spider-Man and Silver Sable fought against a mechanized version of Hammerhead with the villain eventually being bested. After some back-and-forth banter between the two heroes – though Silver Sable still attests she's not a hero – the scene fades to black and transitions into one final tribute to the late comic book creator.

"In memory of Stan Lee, who inspired us all to Be Greater," the ending tribute says with Lee's signature "Excelsior!" above it.

More footage appears after that as Miles Morales begins his training with Spider-Man for the first time to set up the events that'll inevitably take place in the sequel.

The scene with Lee was taken from a previous moment where Marvel's Spider-Man put the superhero creator in the PlayStation 4 game in his own cameo. Seeing Lee in all of Marvel's movies was an expected moment, but the video game appearance by Lee surprised some since Lee hadn't had a cameo in a Marvel game prior to Marvel's Spider-Man. Lee brought attention to the cameo by sharing a screenshot of himself in the game where he played the role of a cook at the diner where Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson sat and talked. Once their conversation was done, the camera turned to show Lee was watching and said he was happy to see the two back together in the diner again.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Silver Lining is available now through the PlayStation Store for $9.99, but the Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps bundle that includes all three DLCSs can be bought for $24.99.