New Metroid Rumors Have Nintendo Fans Excited

A set of new Metroid rumors have Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite users quite excited [...]

A set of new Metroid rumors have Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite users quite excited because according to these rumors, Metroid Prime 4 isn't the only Metroid game in development. In fact, it sounds like a new Metroid game is going to be revealed at E3 2021 next month and perhaps even release this year.

In a new update, prominent Nintendo insider and leaker Zippo relayed word that they are "two hundred percent" sure a new 2D game from MercurySteam is in development. In fact, the leaker claims the game is done. For those that don't know: MerucrySteam is best known for 2017's Metroid: Samus Returns, a handful of Castlevania games, and its most recent title, Spacelords, which also hit in 2017.

Speaking about this game, Zippo claims it runs at "a very smooth 60FPS" and that Nintendo is "extremely happy" with how the game came out.

"A new 2D game from MercurySteam two hundred percent exists, and is in fact, done," said Zippo. "All Nintendo needs to do at this point is announce it. Nintendo (and by extension, Sakamoto.) internally is extremely happy with how the title turned out. The only other thing I've heard recently s that the game is running at a very smooth 60FPS."

Adding to this, leaking group, LeakyPandy, has reaffirmed a 2019 rumor from them stating that Nintendo has two Metroid titles in the work, with one being a re-release of Metroid Prime Trilogy and the other being a Super Metroid Remake in the vein of Samus Returns. You'd assume that if these two rumors overlap, the game Zippo is talking about is the Super Metroid Remake.

At the moment of publishing, Nintendo has not commented on any of this, and we don't expect this to change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, take everything here with a grain of salt.

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