Report: Microsoft May Acquire More Studios For Xbox Development In 2019

This year, Microsoft went on an impressive tear, adding studios to bolster its lineup of potential Xbox and Windows 10 developers, including talented teams like inXile Entertainment, Ninja Theory and Obsidian Entertainment. But some details indicate that the company is just getting started and could be going after even more talent over the next few months.


A Twitter user by the name of Klobrille, who’s been known in the past to nail down Microsoft news through potential rumors, has noted that the company is still hard at work on adding more companies to its ranks, though no specifics were given.

Klobrille noted that the company is currently “in active talks” to acquire both big and small studios alike. Some of them could be big surprises to some fans, just as Ninja Theory and Obsidian Entertainment were.

Per his tweet, Klobrille noted, “Alright. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Microsoft Studios growth isn’t done yet. They are in active talks with multiple studios - both big and small. Some of which might you surprise more than others. It’s early for all of them though. 2019 will continue this story.”

It’s obviously no secret that Microsoft has been fighting to get back into the console fight, as it’s done well with the Xbox One but can’t quite keep up with the tremendous strength of PlayStation 4 when it comes to sales. However, it appears to be loading up with a number of studios to potentially produce exclusives for its next Xbox hardware, although we could also see games for the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Now, take this with a grain of salt, since the source is an outside party and not Microsoft itself. But the business strategy definitely makes sense, as the more original studios you have on your roster, the better. But it’ll be interesting to see who the big “M” goes after next, especially considering the talent that it’s already picked up.


Who would you like to see Microsoft go after in 2019? There are so many good studios to choose from.

We'll let you know once new acquisitions are confirmed by the company!