Microsoft's Second Next-Gen Xbox Is Reportedly Still Happening

Microsoft is reportedly still working on a second next-gen console to go along with the confirmed Project Scarlett, new reports have suggested. This second console is reportedly code-named "Lockhart," a name that's been around for a while now ever since there were rumors of Xbox project names known as Scarlett, Anaconda, and Lockhart. Though the most recent info on Microsoft's plans for its next console(s) have indicated that only Scarlett was in the works, Kotaku is now reporting that Lockhart is still happening and that Project Scarlett is a multi-console project consisting of Lockhart and Anaconda.

Kotaku cited four sources familiar with Microsoft's plans who informed the outlet that the Lockhart console is still in the works. This new console will reportedly be a cheaper alternative to the more powerful Xbox that's again being called Anaconda in Kotaku's report now that the idea of two consoles is back on the table. Lockhart will also supposedly be digital only like the Xbox One S All-Digital console, a speculation which was around back when the Lockhart rumors were first swirling.

Though it's supposedly going to be cheaper than the Xbox Anaconda, there's been no indication yet of how much the console might cost. One game developer who spoke to Kotaku equated the power of Lockhart to the PlayStation 4 Pro while adding that there'd be some notable differences like the addition of a solid-state drive, a feature that's already been confirmed for Microsoft and Sony's next-gen consoles.

The more powerful Anaconda console will reportedly be targeting a 4K resolution and 60FPS gameplay while the Lockhart will instead shoot for a 1440p resolution and the same FPS. Kotaku also reported that Microsoft's services like the xCloud streaming service and Xbox Game Pass will be emphasized on Lockhart which would make sense given their value and the console's supposed discless nature.

Shortly after this report went up about Microsoft's next-gen Xbox plans, The Verge published its own story that also cited sources said to be familiar with Microsoft's plans. The Verge's report says Lockhart will be part of the holiday 2020 launch alongside the Anaconda console. Brad Sims from Thurrott responded to the reports as well and said he'd mentioned in a report from Monday that "quite a few insiders who are familiar with Lockhart" didn't believe the project was dead as previously speculated.

Microsoft has not officially announced any plans to release a Lockhart console or any additional console device alongside what's currently only known as Project Scarlett.