Hellboy Creator Releases More Delightfully Creepy Pokemon Sketches

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has posted even more fantastically creepy Pokemon drawings. Over the past few weeks, Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, has wowed fans with sketches of both Hellboy characters and characters from other pop culture franchises. After covering everything from Godzilla to He-Man, Mignola has turned his eye to the Pokemon franchise, and his work is phenomenal. After posting pictures of Bulbasaur, Slowbro, Weezing, Scyther, and Omastar last night, Mignola has continued his series with new pictures of Lickitung, Nidoqueen, Mew, and Gyarados, which can be viewed below.

Although billed as a fun franchise for kids, the world of Pokemon is actually a pretty terrifying one, and Mignola has effortlessly drawn out some of these monsters' underlying creepiness. With blank eyes and tongue outstretched, Lickitung looks practically eldritch in nature, a horrifying creature that Hellboy would have no problem punching in the face with his oversized right hand. Even Mew, with its oversized eyes, looks just a bit unsettling, helped along by Mignola's text bubbles, which have subtly different lettering for Gyarados's and Mew's dialogue.

With nearly 900 different species of Pokemon to choose from, Mignola has a lot of potential subjects for sketches. Plus, the comics master hasn't even touched on any Ghost-type or Dark-type Pokemon. Honestly, Mignola could probably spend the rest of the year drawing Pokemon and he still wouldn't have "caught 'em all," so to speak.

The Pokemon Company does have a history of collaborating with some unexpected artists, so we wouldn't be surprised if Mignola's work leads to a bigger Pokemon project in the future. If the Pokemon Company could hire Japanese horror master Junji Ito for a collaboration, then there's nothing stopping them from working with Mignola on something truly special.

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